Europe 2010


Wachau valley

On Sunday we picked up our car and left Vienna for the Wachau valley, a drive through wine country - Krems, Durnstein, Spitz, & Melk




Stopping at a Heurigen for a glass of wine



We had lunch at the Gottweig Monastery
At an altitude of 449m, the Benedictine monastery Göttweig is situated at the eastern edge of the world-famous Danube valley of the Wachau, south of the town Krems an der Donau and can be seen from the festival area at the winegrowers of the Sandgrube. It was founded in 1083 by St. Altman, Bishop of Passau, and handed over to the Benedictine monks in 1094.

We stopped to check out a really cool ruin of an old castle that over looked the Danau river



The Melk Abbey



Hotel and restaurant Schloss Dürnstein... we stayed here at the castle over night b/c that's how we roll... the bathroom was in the closet


We has one of our best meals at a Heurigen  named the Klosterkeller... there was a nice waiter who half translated the menu for us as there
was not much English spoken out in the country side... but we managed to communicate and order some great food... the winner was dumplings with a ground Pork....
and the wine was excellent
A link to what the inside looked like..