Europe 2010


Durnstein to Salazburg
On Monday we awoke in our castle and checked out Durnstein....



We then got on the road for the drive to Salzburg...


Traunsee Lake

We took a detour to Gmunden to have lunch on lake Traunsee which is 625 feet deep, in he closing days of WW II the Nazi's dumped boxes, gold and other items in the deep lake as the withdrew to the Alps for a last stand, over the years they have found gold, currency, printing press used to undermine the British economy and rockets... today you are not allowed to dive in the lake unless you get special permision


We stopped quickly in Mondsee to take pictures of the church from the Sound of Music



We arrived in Salzburg mid-afternoon and after a few zigs and zags we found the entrance to the old town for our hotel...
very cool city and we wish we had more time to check it out... def coming back  ... so we dropped our bags and went exploring....

Hotel Wolf
We stayed at Hotel Wolf which was owned by the Wolf family for over a 100 years...
they turned 5 story house into a hotel but they did it in away as to have the least impact on the structure which was very interesting


For some reason the menu at a place we stopped at had these pictures in it. So i had to take a picture of it


We went to a Mozart concert at the castle on overlooking the city



Misc Pics