Europe 2010


Friday - Arriving in Vienna Austria....


 Our sweet at the Marriott

Exploring Old Town Vienna

We climbed the Stephansdom Gothic cathedral...
"The Hochturm is the tall tower attached to the south side of Stephansdom. It is locally known as the Steffl (Little Stephan). This tower was
built between 1368 to 1433, taking 65 years to complete. Being the high point of Vienna it was often used as a lookout and command post during
times of conflict. 343 steps ascend the Steffl to an interior viewing platform (with fairly narrow windows) near the top."


The view from the top of the Stephansdom in old town


Exploring Vienna at night

  The best Schnitzel in Vienna

Watching the opera on the outside the Vienna Opera house on the big video screen...

 American culture is everywhere...


The Austria Military Museum


On Saturday we took a long walk over to the Austrian Military Museum where we saw some really cool stuff like the car that
the Arch Duke Ferdinand was assassinated in starting WW1.. we did not take any pictures in side only just the outside


The Belvedere gardens

At the ballet in the Opera house