Engagement August 30 2008

On Saturday Heather and I left Boston for Mt Washington New Hampshire on the start of our driving tour of New England  for labor day weekend... what she did not know was that I was planning on asking her to marry me on the top of Mt Washington...
 The plan was to drive up the auto road then do some hiking and when we came upon a the perfect spot and view I was going to ask her.. well the weather did not cooperate as it was blowing about 30 mph and most of the mountain was covered in clouds and the temps were in the 50s. So we hiked up to the summit which is more of just scampering up25 yards of wet rocks... where we got some one to take a picture of us, then I took a
video while Heather was wondering what the hell I was doing and why we did not get back down off the summit... I then hugged her and asked her to marry me and she said yes.. I took the after video where she was all smiles and we headed back down for a meal of mountain chili to celebrate...
We left New Hampshire that afternoon and went to Portland Maine and stayed at the Eastland Park Hotel for a night to celebrate and had a great dinner at Fore in downtown Portland...

Conditions at Mt Washington on Saturday

Maximum Temperature: 52F
Minimum Temperature: 45F
Peak Wind Gust: W 66 mph
Average Wind Speed: 28.5 mph
Liquid Precipitation: 0.01"
Snowfall: 0.0"


She said yes!

The moose across from Pinkham Notch


Pinkham Notch the trailhead to Tuckerman's ravine...


Dinner at Fore in Portland Maine...


The world's largest globe at Dalorme in Freeport Maine... and shopping at the outlets in Freeport...


Kennebunkport beach


..and finally for the girls... the ring....